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Grandview State Park – Turkey Spur Overlook 3/29/13

29 Mar

Grandview State Park - Turkey Spur Overlook 3/29/13


Brooklyn Mine Trail near Cunard, WV 3-10-13

11 Mar

Brooklyn Mine Trail near Cunard, WV


Babcock State Park, October 2012

22 Jan


Cathedral Falls near Gauley Bridge, WV

5 Jan


Nine Hipstamatic shots (John S lens/Blanko 13 film) stitched together by AutoStitch panorama app.


New River Gorge Bridge From Long Point Trail

22 Oct


“The Rock” – Prince, WV overlooking the New River – Panorama

17 Oct

This shot required one heck of a climb up said “Rock”, straight up a rock face but with the aid of a couple of ropes.  Did this in work clothes, but I’ve been going to this spot since high school.  It’s one of the best kept secrets of the New River Gorge.  As you can see, the very bright sun gave me some problems exposure-wise, but you can at least still see how the New River flows on the left, 180s in the middle and flows out to the right.  Also,  the Turkey Spur section of Grandview State Park is on the top of the mountain on the left.  God I love West Virgina.

Hawks Nest State Park, WV – panorama

16 Oct


Panorama of New River near Surprise rapid, WV

14 Oct



Surprise Rapid, New River, WV

14 Oct

Panorama of Dunloupe Creek, Thurmond, WV

13 Oct

Taken near Rend Trailhead with Autostitch iPhone app.