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21 Nov

Hey, whaddya know. One of the productions we did at Big River Records received a very favorable review from The Real Blockhead (producer for Aesop Rock, Murs, etc.) on his Demo Review blog. Check out what he had to say about Dinosaur Burps’ “WV Bruder Alles”, about halfway down the page and vote if you think it’s the best of the songs reviewed here (you know you want to).

Phat Friend

I asked for demo’s and you delivered. Thanks to all those of you who sent in demo’s last week. I got about 60, so it’ll be a while before I need more. So, to those asking “When can i send my demo in, bro!?!?!”, it’ll be months. Look at it this way. I do this bi-weekly and review ten demos every time. so, in about 12 weeks, I’ll need more demos. See you next year!
Oh, another side note, if you sent me something that was you rapping over unoriginal production, I’m skipping it. A big part of this is reviewing the whole song. If you’re using a kanye beat, it’s not really fair. Same goes for people sending me songs with a famous accapela on it. This whole thing is for demos. Songs made entirely by the artist. If you’re a rapper and can’t find an original beat, you’re…

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Song of the Day 10/19/12 – Mayer Hawthorne – A Long Time

19 Oct

Well it’s my favorite weekend of the year – Bridge Day Weekend.  Gonna be lots of music, partying and dancing.  This song and video pretty much captures the whole vibe. . .circa 1988 public access television.

Taking the Plunge (Bridge Day 2012)

18 Oct

Article featuring quotes from my studio partner/Yetti bandmate Ben Coll concerning this weekend’s festivities.  It’s the best party around.

Taking the Plunge

Song of the Day 10/16/12 – Bobby Brown – “Don’t Be Cruel” (seriously)

17 Oct

I just happened to find the album of the same name on vinyl for super cheap today.  In all honesty, this is some of the best pop/R&B of the late ’80s.  New Jack Swingin’!

Song of the Day 10/15/12 – Menahan Street Band – Lights Out

15 Oct

These Daptone Records members are making some of the best instrumental retro-soul today.  Their new album “The Crossing” drops at the end of the month.  I highly recommend their first LP, “Make the Road By Walking”.

Song of the Day 10/12/12 – J Dilla – Detroit ’98 (instrumental)

12 Oct

This is quite simply one of the nicest instrumentals I’ve ever heard.  I could listen to it on a loop constantly (and sometimes I do).  Very simple and beautiful, but very moving.  This is the first of what I am expecting to be many J Dilla posts as Song of the Day.  Enjoy.

Song of the Day 10/11/12 – Eddie Kendricks – My People Hold On

11 Oct

The first time I heard any incarnation of this tune was on the late, great J Dilla’s Donuts album from 2006, where Dilla Dawg flipped it, sped it up and slowed it back down in around a minute and half’s time.  Eddie was the distinctive falsetto voice of The Temptations, and had some really cool solo albums in the early 70s with Motown.  Don’t sleep on Mr. Kendricks.  This is a good example of something you’d never expect on a Motown record – psychedelic soul stripped down to vocals, hand drums and bass.  Peep game, my people.